Attracting Butterflies

1.  Butterflies are attracted to a variety of nectar producing trees, plants,
annuals, and perennials. Cultivating a garden and choosing native plants
whenever possible is always best for all of our wildlife friends.

2. Butterflies love sunlight.

3. Commercial butterfly houses and feeders are available. They do require
some maintenance because as we understand it you are supposed to put
fresh greens in the house, and would need to change the typically used
sugar water in the feeders. You can also put out fruit slices for butterflies,
we have read they like bananas, apples, and melons. It is certainly possible
they would eat any kind of fruit you offered.

4. Males enjoy hanging around a mud puddle - otherwise known as "mud
puddling." They are seeking salts and minerals that enhance breeding. Mud
puddles are very easy to make by burying a bucket to the rim, filling it with
gravel or sand, and then keeping it moist at all times.
Monarch Laying Egg
*Tip - In our yard, Monarchs LOVE Butterfly
(Asclepias) (Perennial), and so do
MANY other species!
    5. Plant a wide variety of wildflowers, annuals, and perennials. Butterflies love colors, so plant a variety. Some
    plants provide food (nectar), some shelter, and some are host plants for more "butterfly babies." A good field
    guide helps to identify the species in your area and the native plants that they prefer for their survival.

    6. Avoid the use of chemicals (weed & bug killers, lawn fertilizers, etc). Any chemicals have the risk of killing
    beneficial and wonderful creatures! Avoid chemicals at all costs!

    *It is helpful to get a bird and wildlife information or identification guide for the area you live in and evaluate
    what species you could see in your backyard. You can then see what will attract that type of bird or species
    specifically. However, if you try and offer a wide variety of plantings, feeders, cover/shelter, and water sources,
    you never know what you will see!