Do you know what a CAFO is?

Many people don't, and it is CRITICAL for the agriculture industry to MAKE SURE that you don't know. If most people
knew where their food really came from, or the process it went through before it got to your plate, they would be
outraged and horrified. The Center for Disease Control states CAFO stands for "Concentrated Animal Feeding
Operation" but they are also referred to as "Confined Animal Feeding Operation," otherwise known as a factory farm.

Thousands of animals are confined to one factory farm. There is little room for movement and most of these animals
are kept tightly confined indoors for their entire lives. They are given constant antibiotics in an attempt to keep them
alive long enough to make it to the slaughterhouse.

If an animal ends up getting sick anyways, on a factory farm the majority of the time it is simply left to die. This constant
cycle of feeding them antibiotics, but then confinement, and disease occurring anyways, makes our current antibiotics
less effective/contributes to antibiotic resistance and the development of resistant forms of bacteria and viruses.
IThe pigs pictured at left are crammed into what are called
'gestation crates.'
In factory farms, mother pigs are intensively
confined and forcibly impregnated. A mother pig (sow) spends
her entire adult life confined to a metal crate so small that she
can't even turn around or lie down comfortably. Forced to live
lying in her own feces and urine, she and millions of other pigs
like her will not be allowed to step outdoors until they are forced
onto trucks headed for slaughter. As friendly and smart as your
pet dog, pigs are social and intelligent animals who often go
insane from their intensive confinement and complete lack of
mental stimulation in factory farms.
Pigs are crammed for long periods of time into crates so
small they can't even lie down comfortably
There is relatively no such thing as veterinary care on a factory
farm, and such things known as “dead piles” are a common site
(large piles of dead animals). They didn’t get any care, love, or
respect, or even fresh air, green grass, or sunshine in most
cases, for their
entire lives. These are live beings. They feel pain,
fear, suffering.

Is your dog or cat a ‘thing’? Of course not. Neither is any pig,
cow, chicken, etc. They are SOMEONE. They have personalities,
can feel happy, have the capacity for love, just like you do.
'Dead piles' are a common sight on a factory farm
Pictured on left is a modern-day feedlot. Cows of today rarely see
grass or pastures, are intensely confined, and are generally living
in horrible conditions, covered in feces. They are also given an
array of chemicals including, but not limited to, pesticides,
antibiotics, and hormones. Currently, animal agriculture puts us
at great risk for a pandemic emergency (new diseases and
viruses), and, as mentioned, also decreases the effectiveness of
our antibiotics. The extreme crowding and stressful conditions
prove to be too much for many of the animals to bear, and many
die. These are the lucky ones.
Other animals live out their entire
lives in confinement, on cage wire (chickens) or cement floors
(cows, pigs, etc), being treated like mere machines.
The mad cow disease increases were due them feeding dead infected cows to other cows. The practices on factory
farms are absolutely disgusting, and what is fed to those animals NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD EAT
This makes it likely there will be a very serious outbreak of
disease. We have already seen avian flu, swine flu, etc. Pressure
from the pork industry got them to change the term from 'swine
flu' to 'H1N1', so people didn't make the connection. We are
being lied to and manipulated every day.

When the truth started getting out about 'factory farms' and the
conditions on them, the industry came up with more lies, such as
the terms 'free range' and 'cage free.' These terms don't mean
much at all, simply put, there is no cage. This does NOT mean
the animal ever felt sun or walked on grass!
Living their entire lives in what are called battery cages,
these chickens don't have enough room to turn around or
even spread out their wings.

Do you think 'cage free' or 'free range' is better?
We are losing our rain forest at an alarming pace. We hear that
all the time but no one tell you WHY. One of the top reasons we
lose acres of rain forest EVERY DAY is for the production of meat
and animal products. They clear-cut or clear-burn it (MANY forest
creatures die), and they plant cattle grass to graze cattle or Soya
to feed chickens. This is all because of our massive appetite for
these products, and we don't seem to care about what our
choices are doing to the planet and all beings on it.

A recent report from the United Nations about livestock &
agriculture states "As forests are cleared to create new pastures,
it is a major driver of deforestation, especially in Latin America
where some 70 per cent of former forests in the Amazon have
been turned over to cattle grazing."

The report goes on to say, “Livestock are one of the most
significant contributors to today's most serious environmental
urgent action is required to remedy the situation.”
'free range' & 'cage free' can look like this
(above and below)
Not only does modern agriculture cause pollution, disease, deforestation, cruelty, and more, it also uses up a
tremendous amount of resources. It takes 5-10 pounds of grain to produce only 1 pound of meat/animal products, and
approximately ten times the amount of water.

Diet For a Small Planet author Frances Moore Lappé writes, "Imagine sitting down to an eight-ounce steak...then
imagine the room filled with 45 to 50 people with empty bowls in front of them...for the 'feed cost' of your steak, each of
their bowls could be filled with a full cup of cooked cereal grains."

People do go hungry, every day, and our diet and lack of knowledge does nothing to help the matter. Not to mention
large government subsidies that keep the American diet a nutritional nightmare, and make the foods that are desirable
for health more difficult and expensive to obtain. We need to get informed about our food before it gets worse!

Their lies are pervasive and without conscience. They have told you products are good for you for years that have
been PROVEN are NOT good for you at all. They sell you a vision of clean, safe, food while gambling with your health
and the health of your family, and the health of the entire planet. It is up to us to protect our families! You
MUST take
a good look, you
MUST fight for truth.

I do not ask you to believe me, only to stop blindly believing THEM. We CAN heal the world and be kind and
sustainable! There will likely always be problems with famine, and some impact on the Earth, but we CAN minimize our
negative effects and help Earth heal for many generations to come. It won't happen overnight, but it CAN happen if
people care and really look at the facts.

It is time for the human race to rally for what is REALLY important, what is RIGHT, what is GOOD. Love your family,
love your pets, love our planet, and please extend your love and compassion to ALL BEINGS.