The Truth About Animal Testing

It is a common misconception that most tests on animals are carried out with the aim of
finding a cure for cancer, AIDS, or other devastating human diseases. Surveys clearly
show that the public accepts animal experimentation only because it is believed to be
necessary for medical progress.

But according to some national statistics, nearly two-thirds of all animal research has little or nothing to do with
curing human diseases or advancing human medicine. The reality is that much of this research is little more than
curiosity-driven cruelty.
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Wasteful and Unreliable
Each year, around the world, millions of birds, cats, dogs, farmed animals, fish,
mice, monkeys, rats, rabbits, and other domestic and wild animals are
subjected to a wide variety of experiments in the name of biology, psychology,
biochemistry, physiology, genetic manipulation, and bio-warfare.

Even animal research that is carried out for “medical purposes” tends to be irrelevant to human health. A PETA
investigation revealed the grotesque abuse of animals in laboratories at Columbia University, where baboons
were subjected to invasive surgeries and left to suffer and die in their cages without any painkillers, and monkeys
were forced to endure surgical procedures in which metal pipes were implanted into their skulls for the sole
purpose of inducing stress to study the connection between stress and women’s menstrual cycles.
safe and effective in animal tests, 92 percent are found to be either unsafe or
ineffective in humans."

Dr. Richard Klausner, former director of the National Cancer Institute, stated:
"The history of cancer research has been a history of curing cancer in the
mouse. We have cured mice of cancer for decades, and it simply didn't work on

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine states animal testing is
wasteful, ineffective, and unrelated to human disease, not to mention unethical.
Many other highly regarded schools, etc have stopped animal testing realizing
that the tests are just not reliable!!!

"A new report published in the British Medical Journal finds that using animals
for drug trials often yields inaccurate results."

"Three U.S. agencies aim to end animal testing - the Environmental Protection
Agency, the National Toxicology Program and the National Institutes of
Health"realizing it is ineffective and wasteful. Published in the journal SCIENCE.

Clinicians and the public often consider it axiomatic that animal research has
contributed to the treatment of human disease, yet little evidence is available to
support this view.  - British Medical Journal

"Despite the lack of systematic evidence for its effectiveness, basic animal
research in the United Kingdom receives much more funding than clinical
research. Given this, and because the public accepts animal research only on
the assumption that it benefits humans, the clinical relevance of animal
experiments needs urgent clarification."
(Researchers keep doing animal testing because they get more money in
grants if they do, not because they get good results or because the tests are
"Currently, 9 out of 10 experimental drugs fail in
clinical studies because we cannot accurately
predict how they will behave in people based on
laboratory and animal studies."
Mike Leavitt, Secretary of Health & Human
Services, U.S. Department of HHS (Food & Drug
Admin. press release, FDA Issues Advice to Make
Earliest Stages of Clinical Drug Development More

    2000-2004: Anti-inflammatory VIOXX caused 320,000 serious heart problems and 140,000 deaths
    worldwide, yet was not only safe but protective against heart problems in several different animal studies.

    Other banned drugs which tested safe for animals that ultimately killed or injured people:
    AVANDIA (rosiglitazone maleate)
    BAYCOL (cerivastatin)
    BEXTRA (valdecoxib)
    DEXATRIM (phenylpropanolamine)
    FEN PHEN (dexfenfluramine) (phentermine)
    LOTRONEX (alosetron)
    PONDIMIN (fenfluramine)
    PROPULSID (cisapride)
    REDUX (dexfenfluramine)
    REZULIN (troglitazone)

    *Incomplete list (by a lot!)

    "More than 3.6 million tests were carried out on animals in Britain last year. There has been growing
    concern from within the scientific community at the number of animal research studies that are never
    published due to unimportant results or poor experimental design."

    If humans have relied on the effects of penicillin on mice we would have never discovered its benefits, since
    penicillin kills mice. What about strychnine that kills humans but has no effect on monkeys? Aspirin is good
    for humans but kills cats. There are literally hundreds of examples such as these - animals react differently
    than humans!

    The first HUMAN who takes the drug, uses the hairspray, takes the treatment - the are the TRUE
    RESEARCH SUBJECTS, whether they like it or not. No animal study will tell us how YOU will react.
experimentation has led us down countless scientific dead ends, while
detracting attention and funds from more applicable scientific techniques. In
reality, animal research never guarantees that medications and other products
will be safe and effective for humans. All drugs that have been pulled off the
market because they caused severe illness or death in human patients were
previously tested on other animals.

The practice of animal experimentation and testing continues not because it is
the most accurate or reliable means of research, but rather because of
tradition, peer pressure, and enormous promotion from those with strong
vested interests."

"Why, then, do researchers continue to conduct and defend animal
experiments in light of insurmountable evidence, even from within the scientific
community, that it provides meaningless results? The answers are many and
varied, but they all lead down the same path: money.   

Despite the fact that animal experimentation has been shown to be a flawed
methodology, animal research continues because it is in the best financial
interests of scientists, as well as a number of other entities. These entities
include universities, regulation bureaucrats, pharmaceutical companies,
scientific journals, animal breeders, lawyers and even the news media. All of
them profit, either directly or indirectly, from animal research, and are therefore
deeply committed to maintaining the status quo."

"According to many scientists, the best hope for the prevention or cure of many
diseases is relevant and progressive nonanimal research methods, such as in
vitro cell and tissue cultures, microfluidic circuits, computer modeling,
microdosing, and epidemiological studies. This knowledge, as well as ethical
considerations for animals, has led many people to be concerned about the
continued use of ineffective and outdated animal methods in medical research."


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Please support cruelty-free companies! Many legitimate charities and research labs have
stopped all animal
testing. These are the ones who want a REAL cure or solution and know that animal testing is a waste of time
and money. Those are the orgs and charities that you should consider donating to - not the ones wasting your
money pursuing archaic science by continuing unnecessary animal testing!
"There will come a time when the world will look back to modern vivisection in the name of science, as they do now to burning at the
stake in the name of religion."

"I abhor vivisection.
It should at least be curbed. Better, it should be abolished.
I know of no achievement through vivisection, no scientific discovery, that could not have been obtained without such barbarism
and cruelty."
Dr. Charles Mayo, Mayo Clinic

"You do not settle whether an experiment is justified or not by merely showing that it is of some use. The distinction is not between
useful and useless experiments, but between barbarous and civilized behavior. Vivisection is a social evil because if it advances
human knowledge, it does so at the expense of human character."
George Bernard Shaw

"...many vivisectors still claim that what they do helps save human lives. They are Iying. The truth is that animal experiments kill
people, and animal researchers are responsible for the deaths of thousands of men, women and children every year."
Dr. Vernon Coleman, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, UK.

"I abhor vivisection with my whole soul."   
Mahatma Gandhi  

“During my medical education at the University of Basle I found vivisection horrible, barbarous and above all unnecessary.”