"You should care about HUMAN problems, not animals”

“You wouldn't be able to feed all the people on Earth”

“Unless you don’t drive or go naked (or “don’t eat at all” and other variations) vegans kill animals too”

“Plants have feelings, too” or “Plants are alive, too”

“Veganism is like a religion” (or a cult)

“God intended us to eat animals”

"I only eat humanely slaughtered animals"

“People can’t live without animal products” or “You can’t get protein from plant foods” or “the human body is designed
to eat animals” or “All vegans are sick, I know a vegan who almost died” (or some variation of this)

“We’ll be overrun by farm animals” or “What would we do with all the animals?”

“Other animals eat animals”

“You think you are so much better than everybody else” or “stop pushing your ideas on everybody” or “Eating
meat/animals is my personal choice”

"Farmers love their animals"

“Your pictures upset me”

“We've always done it this way” or “We've always eaten animals”

“Being vegan is hard”

“But bacon…YUM” (or "steak" or "burgers", etc.)

Why vegan?