Vernal Pools
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Below are some pictures of a Certified Vernal Pool near our home. Vernal and Autumnal pools are an important
environment that should be protected and maintained.

Per Mass Audubon: “Vernal pools are a
severely threatened resource in the state...Acquisition of vernal
pools and surrounding habitat as conservation areas should be a
priority for local open space
protection efforts."

Saving only the pool itself is not enough, though, because, "amphibians that breed in vernal pools
live in the surrounding forest for much of the year. A 100-foot buffer is insufficient to maintain viable
populations of amphibians in the local area around a vernal pool. Therefore,
citizens and conservation
commissions should target forested uplands around known vernal pools as
priorities for land protection
through acquisition, conservation restrictions, or voluntary landowner land management
(Mass Audubon)
Want more info? Click here - MA Audubon
Vernal Pool Spring 2006:
Vernal Pool - Turned in to an area of ORV recreation
You can see where dirt was being pulled into the pool from ORV riders.
Tires discarded in Vernal Pool:
Vernal Pool January 2007
More deterioration of a side bank from ORV use:
Vernal Pool taken February 2008 after just one or two