“Other animals eat animals”

    “No, vegans don’t believe that we should play
    God and save all of the other animals from
    being eaten, as if this were even possible. No,
    we’re not plotting ways to eliminate all
    carnivores so we can then hold hands, form a
    circle and sing Kumbaya. We recognize the
    important moral distinction that true
    carnivores kill out of survival and we instead
    kill animals for reasons of pleasure and profit.
    But I wonder why so many think it is even
    plausible to make choices based on what
    other animals do. Do we fornicate in public
    like other animals do? No. Do we kill our
    newborn children based on the fact that
    certain animals have done so under certain
    circumstances? No. Yet when it is convenient
    for our argument, we claim that eating animals
    is natural and normal because some, not all,
    animals do the same. And we distort and
    misrepresent vegans by claiming that they
    seek to ‘veganize’ the entire animal kingdom.
    Regardless of what other animals do, if you
    are not vegan, you pay someone to harm
    animals in a way that would traumatize you to
    even witness, unnecessarily, when you have
    an abundance of animal-free options to
    choose from. By going vegan, you will not
    become perfect or ‘holier than thou’ or even
    cruelty-free. You’ll just have reduced an
    enormous amount of suffering to innocent
    beings who have done nothing to you just by
    making some simple dietary and lifestyle
    - Robert Grillo

“When an animal eats for food & survival they do not destroy and pollute the planet. They do not create war or kill
for sport. They do so driven by necessity and survival. They are not wasteful. They are neither blinded nor ignorant
of their food sources. They do not place poison in their food or contaminate everyone else’s food. They are not
killing our Earth. They do not have sick, twisted practices for food sourcing that is driven for their greed or profit
margin. They do not contribute to global famine with their diet. They do not consume excessive amounts of water for
the systemized production of animals as commodities. We DO NOT need meat & animal products to survive or for
health, this is scientific fact, humans flourish on plant-based diets. When people use this as their reason, it seems
they are simply rationalizing irrational comparisons. If one pets their dog yet abuses farm animals they have been
brainwashed. Lions do NOT keep animals they 'love' as pets while they confine, enslave, and abuse others. I do not
want to cause anyone any suffering…no more than if they were right here in my own home and part of my family.
Vegans get the ‘what would you eat on a deserted island?’ (generally the same as zombie apocalypse-type
questions) question a lot - but we ask you - if you lived somewhere with thousands of choices that did NOT cause
suffering, then why would you?”
- Karyn Swaney