“99+% of vegans liked meat, dairy, and eggs. What changed was our attitude towards animals (the victims). We
decided that frivolous palate pleasure was no longer an acceptable excuse for breeding, enslaving, torturing, and
murdering sentient animals. 55 million animals slaughtered every week in the U.S. alone. Those that claim
veganism is too hard are focused on themselves. Those who claim veganism is easy are focused on the victims. I
used to be an obese, eat-anything glutton, and I can honestly say that I love being vegan! I eat a greater variety
and enjoy food much more now than I ever did before. If I can go vegan, anybody can go vegan.”
- David Davis

“But bacon…YUM” (or "steak" or "burgers", etc.)

    “Saying ‘eating animals is yummy’ as a
    justification for eating them is pretty much the
    same argument as saying rape is okay since it
    feels good to the rapist. Civilized people require
    more than sensory pleasure to justify behaviors.”
    - Author Unknown

    (Due to MANY comments about this one - this is
    my reply - The rape comparison makes perfect
    sense and if you are offended this is a problem
    with YOUR EGO. You are NOT superior, or
    BETTER than any other being on this Earth - we
    exploit and assault animals every day. The
    analogy is spot-on, doing great harm to BABIES
    for selfish and irrational behaviors that are
    driven by lust for rotting corpses, pus-filled
    secretions, and selfish desires.)