“We’ve always done it this way” or “We’ve always eaten animals”

“We can become prisoners of our earliest indoctrinations or we can choose to look critically at our assumptions
and align our lives with our values. Choosing to live vegan is how we’re able to do that best.”
- Jenny Brown in her book The Lucky Ones

“How many times have you heard someone justify their behavior based on the illogical premise that history
somehow makes it right and assures its ethical legitimacy into the future? In fact, throughout history influential
leaders and thinkers have used this same troubled logic to defend slavery, genocide, the oppression of women,
racism, and discrimination based on a whole host of irrelevant criteria including sexual orientation, religion, color,
and now species.
I find this interpretation of history and evolution to be one of the most common ‘apologies’ for meat eating. I see it
as yet another way to avoid honestly confronting the moral issue of using and killing animals for food in an age
when it is not necessary. Some actually sympathize with the position of vegans and vegetarians, yet still default to
this argument which explains perhaps why 95% of us continue to blindly follow the cultural norms reinforced in us
since childhood.
No one is arguing that we don’t have a long history of hunting and eating animals. The more timely question is
why, in an age when meat eating is unnecessary (for the vast majority of the human population), would we want to
focus on what our ancestors ate some 10,000 or more years ago? Certainly there are lessons to learn from
history on many levels, but in relating historical facts to present circumstances, context and relevancy are
In the words of Victor Hugo, ‘There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.’”
- Robert Grillo