“Being vegan is hard”

“How hard is it to not pay someone to cage children all their lives? Not hard at all. How hard is it to look at a list of
ingredients on a product and avoid anything with ‘dog extract’ in it? Not hard at all. How hard is it to not support
companies that use scalped human hair to line its jackets? Not hard at all. The same goes for bullied animals. You
have the choice to participate or refuse to participate…it's really that simple.”
- Becky V Pinegar

“When people who eat meat say ‘Veganism must be hard!’ - they are right, but not in the way they think.
Physically, veganism is easy. It’s easy for me not to eat animal products because I know about the atrocities that
occur when producing them, so it’s easy not to want them. The hardest part about veganism is the part where
almost everyone you know takes part in the system that abuses and murders these beautiful, innocent animals
and yet you still try to smile and be friendly with these people - even while they are making fun of you for caring
about the animals they are currently shoving in their mouths with callous disregard. THAT is the hard part.
Dealing with other people’s apathy and cruelness."
- Quote from irritable-belle-syndrome @ Tumblr