"I only eat humanely slaughtered animals"

    “There are no magical slaughterhouses where
    animals are fed their favorite meal, make a
    last phone call to a loved one and voluntarily
    hold their breath until they die. The act of
    slaughter is violent, vicious, bloody, and
    hellish. The animals do not sacrifice
    themselves for your pleasure, tradition, or
    greed. They are dragged in kicking and
    screaming until their last breath. Do not fool
    yourself into thinking that you can eat meat,
    dairy, and eggs and remain disconnected
    from this violence. The only way out is vegan.”
    - Gary Smith

    “The label ‘humane’ is a band-aide for a
    bleeding conscience.”
    - Author Unknown

    “Anything you wouldn’t want done to your
    companion animal is not ‘humane’.”
    -Author Unknown