“You think you are so much better than everybody else” or “stop
pushing your ideas on everybody” or “Eating meat/animals is my
personal choice”

    “Some people say vegans should ‘stop trying
    to push their beliefs on others.’ Guess what?
    Eating meat is the ultimate form of pushing
    your beliefs on others. When you eat meat,
    you’re forcing others to die for you beliefs. If
    that’s not forcing your beliefs on others, I don’
    t know what is.”

    “Actually, no, we are vegan because we don’t
    feel superior to any living being.”
    - Author Unknown

    “I hate when people dismiss veganism as
    ‘personal choice’. It’s not, it’s a moral
    obligation. Would those same people also
    assert that murdering someone, or beating a
    dog, or raping a child is a ‘personal choice’?
    When your actions directly impact the lives of
    others it is no longer a simple ‘personal
    - Ed Coffin