“Plants have feelings, too” or “Plants are alive, too”

“Some things that animals do that plants DON’T do when threatened, injured or suffering:
- Urinate or defecate on themselves.
- Scream, cry or vocalize.
- Try to escape. (Let alone even possess the means for escape.)
- Bleed, limp, cower.
Saying that a plant possesses roughly the same awareness of an animal (requiring a brain) and ability to suffer
(requiring a central nervous system) means that you think that the pain a mother cow who has had her babies taken
from her, who has been routinely mechanically impregnated and discharged of milk, experiences at the end of the
slaughterhouse line is the emotional equivalent of basil being plucked from a plant. Or that a chicken, kept in a tiny
cage or a crowded ‘shed,’ feels no more and no less than pain when she is slaughtered than a zucchini being pulled
from the ground.
Do you really think this? Do you really think there is no significant difference between the obvious cries, the
screams, the desire to escape and the complete lack of any evidence of that? You think that a plant and an animal
are equals in experiencing pain and suffering? People can be very educated and still maintain that responding to
stimuli is the same thing is feeling pain. This shows that we can be ‘educated’ and still be very influenced by magical
- Marla Rose

“I think that plants might have some sort of feelings. Sure, why not? They are alive after all. But I don't believe that
they are a life form that has a nervous system or a brain that registers pain and suffering like an animal does. I think
people bringing this up is taking things a little too far. It's like saying that there are bacteria in the air and if we
breathe them in they might die or feel pain in some way. So are we to stop breathing? And if plants feel pain like
animals are we to avoid walking on the lawn or picking a weed so as not to hurt them? If we trim a tree are we
causing suffering? It's just kind of ridiculous. Are we killing babies by eating sprouts? In my opinion it's a way for
people to justify eating meat...that's all.”
- Rich Lysloff

(If one is concerned about the feelings of plants, all the more reason to go vegan! Firstly, animals eat 5-20 times the
amount of plants to make a small amount of meat or milk, so you are killing MANY more plants by eating animals.
Secondly, animal agriculture is the leading cause of the deforestation of our rainforests, so wonderful, diverse,
irreplaceable ecosystems are lost every day due to our diet – thousands of plants and animal species destroyed… If
you are worried about plants, forests, and nature, you should go vegan!)

(In speaking of the plants argument, one must discuss world famine, which is directly related to our diet)

"Realize that 82 percent of the world's starving children live in countries where food is fed to animals, which are then
killed and eaten by more well-off individuals in developed countries like the U.S., U.K., and in Europe. One-fourth of
all grain produced by third-world countries is now given to livestock, in their own country and out."
- Dr. Oppenlander