“Unless you don’t drive or go naked (or “don’t eat at all” and other
variations) vegans kill animals too”

(The vegan ideal is to ‘do the least harm’ – NOT to absolve ourselves of every bug on our windshield or an
accidentally run over field mouse.)

“People look at me as a vegan and conclude that since I stepped on a snail or because the vegetables I eat
resulted in a tractor death for a squirrel somewhere in Paraguay that somehow vegans are hypocrites, which of
course they're not since perfection is an unattainable goal and is something to be driven towards, never actually
The difference between you and the vegan standing next to you is that while you're both going to step on a bug
tomorrow, they've decided to dedicate their lives to do as little harm as possible, completely independent from
what you do. So in no way does the protozoan life form they step on negate your responsibility for the lamb you're
paying a stranger to cut tomorrow. And falling 1% short of an unattainable goal is really good when you're
standing next to someone who won't even try.”
- Shelley Williams