We built a feeder for our squirrels from an old bird feeder we had purchased some time
before. We offer peanuts in it. It has a hinged lid and it didn't take long for the squirrels
to figure it out.

Do not feed wildlife cheap peanuts, raw peanuts, or salted peanuts as you can
do more harm than good!  

Plant native flowers, shrubs, and food sources beneficial for wildlife.

If you happen to find an 'abandoned' baby deer - LEAVE IT ALONE!
The first time we found a baby deer in the woods, we panicked,
thinking she was in a dire situation. We looked it up online,
determined to 'help' the baby. Come to find out, baby deer are often
left alone for long periods, and since newborn deer carry no smell,
are rarely noticed by predators, even walking right by them.

The smell of 'man' can freak an adult deer out a little, though, so
admire from a distance (for short time only), then walk away.
Do not
touch them
, as you could adhere your smell to the deer and make
it a target for predators.
Make Brush Piles in your yard. Small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and some birds will use brush piles. (More
so if there is a water or food source nearby). Place larger brush at the bottom to allow some space for these
creatures to get both in and scurry underneath.

Leave snags whenever possible. Snags are dead (or dying) trees that are beneficial to
birds and wildlife in many ways.
Natural mosquito control: Put up a bat house. One little hour.
Bats will not attack people, they are very small and gentle
animals. Remember, we are very large to a bat and they are
afraid of us.
Avoid the use of chemicals (weed & bug killers, lawn fertilizers, etc).
Click here for important information about chemicals and the effect on birds
and wildlife
We love cats, but do not foolishly disregard the damage cats
can do to the native environment. They are an introduced,
invasive species and can have a definite negative impact on
our native wildlife. If you let your cats out, PLEASE take a
moment to read the following articles and RECONSIDER.
Click here for article about cats and their effect on
Take action for important resources.
Click here for information on Vernal Pools - an important resource!
*It is helpful to get a bird and wildlife information or identification guide for the area you live in and evaluate what
species you could see in your backyard, and look those birds or species up to see what kinds of trees, shrubs,
annuals and perennials, etc or feeders to attract that type of bird or species specifically. However, if you try and
offer a wide variety of plantings, feeders, cover/shelter, and water sources, you never know what you will see!